Program Classes

The Lincoln Theatre production is comprised of three different classes: Performance, Stage Management, Tech and Design.  It culminates in the performance of a full scale production.

Production Performance

All students interested in joining this class will need to audition for a spot. Those who are accepted will be assigned a role in the musical. They will learn acting, improvisation, singing, dancing, and will have homework. It is mandatory that they participate in each rehearsal as well as all four performances in January.

Production Stage Management

Students in Stage Management will assist the director and the cast with all backstage work, prompt actors, take notes in their scripts, assign and manage props to performers, manage scene shifts, and help run the show from the booth and backstage for the Performance weekend. It is mandatory that they participate in each rehearsals and performances in January.

Production Tech and Design

Tech and Design students will work to create the look of the play. They will also work backstage, in the lighting and sound booth, and at front of house during the January rehearsals and Performances. It is mandatory that they participate in each classes in the fall, each rehearsal in January, as well as all four performances.